Behind the Scenes with Collette!

Saturday I had the pleasure of working with Collette, she is a total sweetheart! Here is a behind the scenes shot, of Collette having her hair done by the adorable Ana-Crane Simpson!

Maui-Crane finished selecting potential accessories for Collettes second look! Make sure to check outLove Rocks by Maurico Cranehis pieces are one of a kind for sure!

Sample Images from Collettes first look:

I like to refer to her a very fashion Pocahontas!

And her “princess” Jasmine look (she looks so awesome in mint right?!):

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Behind the scenes with Laura Kirkpatrick

Ana Crane-Simpson doing makeup and hair

Behind the scenes with my shoot featuring Laura Kirkpatrick from ANTM Cycles 13 & 17 with the brilliant Ana-Crane Simpson & Maui Crane, featuring wardrobe from Bella Rose.

Maui (the stylist, and accessorie designer) snapped a shot of me shooting Laura. We literally shot in Ana’s backyard, it’s amazing how you can find the coolest locations right around the corner.

She always puts up with the cold for me hahah! I’ve decided in the past three years that we’ve been shooting to just make it a tradition.

Some of the Final Results:


Model: Laura Kirkpatrick
Hair/MUA: Ana Crane Simpson Applied Cosmetic Services
Styling/Accessories: Maui Crane Love Rocks

it’s been awhile since i’ve updated…i need to get back into the swing of things. im a slacker, that is all!
-Alicia C

it’s been awhile since i’ve updated…i need to get back into the swing of things. im a slacker, that is all!

-Alicia C

French Vogue using children for models…

The December issue of French Vogue, edited by Tom Ford uses children as models, I’m curious to see everyone’s opinion on this, is a brilliant or ghastly concept? Let’s hear it :)

-Alicia C

Behind the scenes…

Yesterday I had the joy of working with a crew from Cincinnati, it’s the first chance that I have had to work with people outside of Kentucky in quite sometime. Unfortuntely, the weather was terriily icky yesterday, so we decided to shoot in my amazing photographer friends, apartment Dustin Stevenson whom I also invited to shoot.

Crew List:

Photographer: Alicia Calton
Photographer II: Dustin Stevenson
Models: Alisa Melafon & Mallory Bradley
Wardrobe: Jen Jakeups
MUA: Galvin Mason
Hair: Amanda Fiehrer

Crew shot….and as always I am the shortest hah!

Behind the scenes shot of me shooting Alisa

Me shooting Alisa on the floor, in her last look.

Galvin doing Mallory’s makeup.

Nonetheless, the shoot went very well everyone was very laid back…I love working with people like that, it makes the day a lot of fun and not as stressful. Here are a sneak peak of the images I took yesterday, more to come:

and a sneak peak at Dustin Stevenson’s images:


Photography/Post: Me (Alicia Calton)
Models: Catherine Jones & Laura Kirkpatrick
Wardrobe: Sarah Jane Estes & Pilar Marite (under garments) Soreyda Benedit Begley (Jacket)
Hair: Phillip Saunders
Makeup: Galvin Mason
Assistant: Gustavo Alfaro

Photoshoot Part II:

Models: Laura Kirkpatrick & Catherine Jones
Dresses: Soreyda Benedit Begley
Jacket: Wanda Sue Kirkpatrick
Hair: Phillip Saunders
Makeup: Galvin Mason
Assistant: Gustavo Alfaro